Special offer!

If you pay for one monthly subscription before 30.06.2022, your account will be free of charge until 31.10.2022.

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    Special offer regulations

    1. The DL PRO special offer applies only to language schools that are also customers of the DLLAB Publishers and that did not use DL PRO services before the special offer started.
    2. The special offer is limited in time and ends on June 30, 2022.
    3. In order to be eligible for the special offer, the customer is obliged to:
      1. send the company’s contact details: name and full address of the school, NIP (tax identification number), www address, email address, telephone number, the representive’s name,
      2. send the company logo in the png or jpg format and the wording of the school name in the DL PRO link (e.g. in the address https://perfectschool.dlpro.eu, ‘perfectschool’ is the name of the school),
      3. after creating an account in the DL PRO system, add a credit card to the system,
      4. pay for one monthly subscription.
    4. A customer who meets the requirements set out in points 1-3 of these regulations and pays for one monthly subscription will be able to use the DL PRO service free of charge until October 31, 2022. After this period, fees will be charged according to the license chosen by the customer.
    5. The minimum fee after the promotional period is PLN 49 incl. VAT per month.
    6. The special offer applies only to the monthly subscription cost and does not apply to paid add-ons.
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